The Cottage

La Viñuela is a beautiful Cortijo (traditional Andalusian farmhouse) dating back 300 years, located on lush terraced land in La Alpujarra Granadina, within the mountainous area of Sierra Nevada, halfway between the city of Granada and the Mediterranean Sea.

With stunning views of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Andalusia, the Cortijo is an idyllic retreat for nature lovers, hikers, photographers, painters, or for those simply seeking peace and tranquility.

Our Cortijo is located at 1150 meters above sea level on the southern slope of Sierra Nevada – it is a mountainous area known as La Alpujarra. The entire area is considered a protected zone, with the high mountains classified as a national park. It is the largest in Spain and contains around 80 species of endemic plants. It's perfect for hiking and enjoying at any time of the year.

The flowing water (one of the great surprises being located so far south), the enormous variety of landscapes, the abundant flora, the wildlife, the unspoiled villages, the wonderful climate, and the proximity to the coast and Granada make this a very special place to spend your vacation.

The numerous trees in its garden, the irrigation channels, and the chlorine-free pool create an oasis of shade and freshness during the hot summer. In the colder months, high-quality heating and insulation, along with traditional wood-burning fireplaces, provide all the comfort and coziness one could desire.

La Alberca

It's impressive, beautiful, magical... Many fish and at least 2 turtles live in it, at least from what can be seen... It collects water for irrigation that comes from the ditches, the ancient Moorish canals.

You can walk around, climb, descend... sit, listen, read, look... meditate, play... all that and more...

At the highest point, a painstaking water labyrinth places you at a precise spot on the estate where you can relax while enjoying the views and listening to the sound of the water flowing along its path...

Oven and barbecue.

Available to our guests is the wood-fired oven, shaped like an egg, for roasting meats, fish, vegetables, making bread, pizzas... Everything is done in its time while acquiring that special flavor of wood and smoke...

The barbecue grills are always ready for anyone who wants to use them, and for those who prefer, there's also the paella cooker...

If you've never used them before, just ask us, and we'll tell you how to do it. Encouraging the cooks or those who simply want to experiment!

Honesty Shop

You will find:

-Some essential products

-Firewood for the fireplace

-Coffee, local wine, soft drinks, etc...

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The Henhouse

Our chickens are lucky to live in a "5 feather" henhouse, raised outdoors. They roam, peck at the earth and grass, soak up the sun, and freely choose to enter the henhouse to protect themselves or sleep...

They are fed with organic scraps and ecological feed; their eggs are a luxury and you can acquire them at "the little shop" as long as they've laid them.



The driveway is concrete and allows easy access to the Cortijo from the winding and steep road. Once inside, there is ample parking space for vehicles.

It's free

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